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Sunrise Avenue release „Best Of“ Album
One goose bump moment after another

If a success story truly is a success story, then it may rightfully be labeled as such. Sunrise Avenue, the Finnish rock band, with its charismatic blonde lead singer Samu Haber, managed to create such a story. 22 years have passed since the early beginnings of the band Sunrise, which ten years later was renamed into Sunrise Avenue. So the time is just about right for drawing an interim review; in the form of a “Best Of” album.  “Fairytales 2006 – 2014” will be the name of the record and it will not only look back into the past. Featuring their new single “You Can Never Be Ready”, Sunrise Avenue also invite you to take a sneak peak into the bright and creative future ahead of them.

Amazing Music and Hard Work

The band’s breakthrough took place in 2006, with their catchy single “Fairytale Gone Bad” off of their debut album “On The Way To Wonderland”.  As if they’d already known then, where their journey will take them. Even back then, singer and guitarist Samu Haber had no illusions about the pop business: “It doesn’t require a miracle to write amazing music, but it requires a heck of a lot of hard working. I don’t want to sing something that I’ll find stupid in a couple of years.” One look onto the track listing of “Fairytales 2006 – 2014“ delivers ultimate proof that „Fairytale Gone Bad“ is not a stupid song, but rather an all time classic. And it is on there with good reason, seeing as it displays Samu Haber’s instinct for catchy refrains and infectious melodies already so early on. Melodies that reach the ears of a very diverse audience. After all, the album remains in the German charts for an incredible 61 weeks and reaches platinum status. On the follow-up album “Popgasm”, for which the growing fan base had to wait almost 3 years, one catchy tune chases another. And also the emotional ballads have no reason to hide. The critics are praising the band:, for example, is enthralled by the wide range of Samu Haber, reaching “from masculine baritone all the way to dramatic falsetto emo-vocals”.  “Popgasm” has most definitely catapulted Sunrise Avenue into their creative seven-league boots, paving the way to any musician’s paradise, also known as “success”. But fans aren’t expected to just stand aside and applaud, but much rather are being invited to accompany the Finns on their trip of a lifetime. And so one line in their single release “Welcome To My Life” from 2009 says, “Welcome To My Dream”. And of course, this song can also be found on “Fairytales 2006 – 2014“.

True Emotions From Real Life

But what exactly is the secret of Sunrise Avenue’s success? It’s true, that it’s not off the rack kind of music. And yes, it’s also true, that this band has you caught up in one goose bump moment after the next – the singer’s voice definitely goes under your skin. But Samu Haber himself spills the beans on the real secret behind this: “We tell stories, that everyone knows. Stories about the people we’re surrounded by. Granted, a lot of people do, but we look for the moments of true emotion in real life. People fall in love, people separate, they have a baby and others lose their job. Some are happy and then something terrible happens. If all of that isn’t material for song from deep within the soul, then I don’t know what is.” Oh and how this guy knows! But Samu Haber isn’t done telling his secret quite yet. And he uses the same approach with the stories he tells in the Sunrise Avenue songs: He doesn’t finish telling them. He leaves space for the listeners, to create their own personal ending of the topic he’s raised. And it’s exactly this trick, which provides Sunrise Avenue with the ability to write songs that reach deep into the soul.  Matching this philosophy about songwriting, are the tattoos on Samu Haber’s left arm. “Dream Like A Child”, “Follow Your Heart”, “Be Honest” and last but not least “Work Hard”. All of this added together is the explanation for why Sunrise Avenue has managed to come forth, off the beaten path, for all these years. They have set their own agenda and set trends by doing so. But what was that part about hard work again? Samu Haber cannot help himself but to bring up the topic once more. “Every one of our albums was made from blood and sweat, but also from tears of fear, that this band and myself could perish from it. Until now however, there has always been a happy ending!“ The four albums up until now, “On The Way To Wonderland”, “Popgasm”, “Out Of Style”, and “Unholy Ground”, attest just that and that’s exactly what makes them so authentic.

Treasures of a Longstanding Career

Not to forget Samu Haber’s participating in the TV show The Voice of Germany, which advanced him into the position of everybody’s darling, has drawn the media’s attention onto Sunrise Avenue.  Parallel to the broadcast of the third season they released their fourth studio album “Unholy Ground”. The record yet again stands for anthemic melodies, but without being copies of the songs from previous albums. Samu Haber and his band mates have high standards regarding this, that they’d never be ready to look beyond.
“A lot of times you don’t just have to be honest, but you also have to show courage. It would have been just plain boring, had we simply released another “Hollywood Hills”. Not only for the audience, but also for us as a band.” Of course, “Hollywood Hills” has also made it onto the list of songs on „Fairytales 2006 – 2014“, of which every single one is representative of the legendary rising of a band, who’s creative curve is still pointing straight upwards. “I hope however, that we never reach the very top of this wonderland, which we sung about on our first record”, Samu Haber confesses, “because being on the path to this sort of fairytale paradise is what it’s always been about and what this band will always be about”. And to sweeten this path, Sunrise Avenue have come up with little treats along the way, like a fantastic live version of their song “Angels On A Rampage” from the deluxe version of “Unholy Ground” and the brand new material such as their new single “You Can Never Be Ready”. A band like Sunrise Avenue, that has created a repertoire filled with treasures such as these, not only is allowed to release a “Best Of” album, it’s basically obliged to do so. Especially with all these moments, that call for all of these hits to be played one after another: in the car, in the garden, at a party, during a night of passion… and in the countless personal moments of each one of Sunrise Avenue’s fans.

Sunrise Avenue
Fairytales 2006 – 2014


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