Fairytales Best Of - CD + DVD/BluRay teaser
Concert teaser

Check out this YouTube player with snippets from all songs included on the Best Of Album!
On 3.10.2014 we will release our Fairytales - Best Of -album with several old hits and three new songs. There will be a limited Super Deluxe Box available as well, all this will be in the box:
-Best Of album
-Fan Best Of album (tracklist voted by fans)
-DVD and BluRay of "Live @ O2 World Hamburg" concert
-Live CD, recorded at O2 World ...
Sunrise Avenue will release their very first Best Of album in October 2014. Album will include the biggest hits from 2006-2014 with few new songs. We have also set up an voting page for the fans to choose their favorites out of the songs that did not made to the Best Of -album tracklist. Link to the voting page is below of this news (voting ...
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