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Sunrise Avenue


Live With Wonderland Orchestra

The new album "Live With Wonderland Orchestra" will be released on April 9th, 2021

2 CD Album
AB: 09 Apr 2021 - 2 CD Album
In 2015, Sunrise Avenue thrilled their fans in Hannover with an exclusive orchestra show, which was completely sold out. Countless requests followed for the band to play more orchestra shows. In March 2016, Sunrise Avenue went on tour with the Wonderland Orchestra. Among other places, they stopped at the Festhalle in Frankfurt am Main, where the recordings for the album were made. The album contains 19 tracks, including hits like "Hollywood Hills," "Lifesaver" and "Fairytale Gone Bad” – a mix of rocky and classical sounds which invite to an intense musical journey.

After Sunrise Avenue had their final breakthrough with "Fairytale Gone Bad" and the album "On The Way To Wonderland" in 2006, the band was unstoppable. Five more hit albums, sold-out tours, several awards and many more unforgettable moments followed. Sunrise Avenue topped the charts and dominated radio playlists. With their mega hit "Hollywood Hills" they achieved another milestone. The single was sold over 300,000 copies in Germany. Looking back at their most important stations, one quickly realizes that their songs are timeless power anthems that sweep us away.

This live album is a great surprise for the fans who had to deal with the band’s breakup in December 2019.


1. Wonderland
2. Little Bit Love
3. Rising Sun
4. Kiss Goodbye
5. Forever Yours
6. Lifesaver
7. Sail Away With Me
8. I Can Break Your Heart
9. Something Sweet
10. Somebody Will Find You Someday

1. Nothing Is Over
2. Funkytown
3. Out Of Tune
4. Girl Like You
5. Sweet Symphony
6. I Don’t Dance
7. Welcome To My Life
8. Fairytale Gone Bad
9. Hollywood Hills
Sunrise Avenue - Live With Wonderland Orchestra - 2 CD Album
AB: 09 Apr 2021 - Digital
19 Tracks:

Little Bit Love
Rising Sun
Kiss Goodbye
Forever Yours
Sail Away With Me
I Can Break Your Heart
Something Sweet
Somebody Will Find You Someday
Nothing Is Over
Out Of Tune
Girl Like You
Sweet Symphony
I Don’t Dance
Welcome To My Life
Fairytale Gone Bad
Hollywood Hills
Sunrise Avenue - Live With Wonderland Orchestra - Digital



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